Introducing our First Electric Vehicle!

We are very excited to share the latest addition to KYBE’s fleet of vehicles. At KYBE we are fully committed to promoting progressive and sustainable technologies to our clients and on our projects. Which is why we feel our commitment should be reflected internally first, that’s why we have invested in our first Electric Vehicle - a 2018 Chevy Bolt. We believe electric cars are the future and now we know firsthand how easy it is to change from a typical gas or diesel combustible engine to a fully electric or hybrid.

We now consider ourselves experts on the topics of electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers as we have trained many of our team in the installation of chargers in homes and businesses.

Having our office situated right next to a public charging station, within a moment’s notice we have a full charge, an HOV sticker, and a 380km battery range to get us to anywhere you need us as soon as possible. Our goal is in the next couple years to have an entire fleet of these, and we are so excited to get the ball rolling.


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