KYBE partners with Argyle Secondary for Co-Op Work Experience Program

Sam Montgomery - KYBE's first student from the Argyle Secondary Co-Op Work Experience Program

Investing in our local youth is important to KYBE. They are the future of our communities and are full of eagerness and potential. Argyle Secondary's Co-Op Work Experience Program offers students a number of work experience placements, which provide them with the opportunity to combine an in-depth exploration of a potential career area while completing requirements for high school graduation. The program is what encouraged co-founder Kyle Robertson to pursue his career in the electrical trade so it only made sense for KYBE to take part in this influential co-operative work placement program.

We took the time to ask our first ever work exchange student, Sam Montgomery, a few questions regarding his experience in the program.

1. What is your grade level?

I am nearing the end of the 11th grade.

2. What made you want to join the Co-Op Work Experience Program?

I wanted to join the Co-Op program to gain experience on different jobs to see if I could find my career path.

3. How has your experience been thus far?

The experience at KYBE has been awesome. Everybody has been very patient with me and I am learning a lot. 

4. Do you see a potential future in the electrical trade?

The electrical trade seems like a possibility to me but I am keeping my doors open to anything right now. 

5. What has been something unique you've learned in your experience working with KYBE Electrical?

Aside from my new-found electrical knowledge, I have also learned valuable skills for how to run a company and work with fellow employees. 

Sam has been a great asset to the KYBE in his time in the work exchange program and has decided to officially join the team for the summer before he enters his final year of high school. 

For more information on the Co-Op Program at Argyle Secondary click here.