KYBE Completes Beere Brewing Co. Brewery in Lower Lonsdale

Being born & raised in North Vancouver, we were quick to jump on the opportunity to work with Craig and Matt Beere on their endeavor to open a premium craft beer brewery in the heart of Lower Lonsdale. The brewery was a combined effort from the KYBE team, with almost everyone spending some time on the project which was led by Trevor Wilson. 

KYBE Electrical Contracting Ltd.

We really enjoyed that the design and construction execution on the brewery allowed for creative input from both Beere Brewing Co & KYBE. We worked together to pick out the lighting concepts based on the goals our client was wanting to achieve. We had a lot of input regarding the service upgrade and layout of the electrical closet, working alongside Calrudd Construction. KYBE was responsible for coming up with the temperature control cabinet which is an integral part of the beer brewing process. 

KYBE Electrical Contracting Ltd.

When we initially started looking at the project, the existing space and what Craig and Matt were looking to achieve, one of the first tasks we undertook was determining if the existing service would suffice. Through the equipment spec. sheets and a load calculation we determined we would have to upgrade to a 400 amp, 3 phase service, as well as a new electrical closet dedicated to housing the equipment. We worked hand in hand with BC Hydro, Calrudd and Beere to design and construct the new electrical closet and electrical distribution system.

Overall, we had a positive experience working with the guys at Beere Brewing. They were receptive to our recommendations and understood that due to electrical and building codes, certain things had to be done. We learned that because there is little interconnection of equipment between plumbers, gas fitters and electrical, solid coordination & communication with the sub trades is integral to ensure things run smoothly for us as well as the client. 

Stay tuned for updates on KYBE's second brewery, to be completed soon!